Let’s Get Hitched

Let's Get Hitched is not a TV show about weddings, it’s a slice-of-life collection of the most fascinating stories you’ve ever heard about why people show up at City Hall with rings in hand to say their vows.

This 30 minute documentary shares amazing, real life love stories behind City Hall weddings.  In every hamlet, town and big city in Canada, couples from every social and economic group; from every age, race and religion; visit City Hall every day to tie the knot.  It’s a wonder that “The Train Station of Love” isn’t a moniker for the building itself.  These Canadian love stories are at different times funny, surprising, thought-provoking, cheeky and always remarkably human and authentic. City Hall weddings are not just a venue for shotgun unions or cases of forbidden love.  The reasons behind choosing a City Hall Wedding vary immensely and can be both touching and surprising.  Multiple stories are told in the show, taking the audience on a thoughtful and emotional journey that shows how connected we all are by “love”, regardless of how it looks.

This heartwarming documentary premieres in Spring 2016 on CBC.

Broadcaster (Canada): CBC
Series Pilot: 1 x 30 min.
Genre: Documentary

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UPDATED: Premieres March 25, 2016 at 8:30 PM on CBC

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